Important Info on Hole IO

Hole IO

Hole io is a popular multiplayer arena where users turn into black and hungry voids. They fly over cities and swallow everything around them. It’s based on growing mechanics. You become bigger as you munch humans, buildings, cars, etc. Let’s have a closer look at what the online toy has to offer. Dive into the bizarre world of Skibidi Toilet: a surreal dance battle against creepy toilets!

About the Creators


The cool adventure was made by a French video game studio called Voodoo. The company focuses on creating super casual titles for iOS and Android systems. Founded in 2013 by 2 friends, it struggled in the first couple of years. But in 2016 the developers released and had luck. They scaled their business after that and started operating on an international level.

This toy hit the market in 2018 as free entertainment for smartphones. And right away took the top ratings in the Google Play and App Store.

The First Steps of Hole IO

The adventure went viral and received 10 million downloads for the Android system alone. Critics praised the gameplay and visuals. However, there were some allegations that added up to the hype around the digital title. First of all, some called it a clone of Donut County. Released the same year, it had identical mechanics and a storyline with characters. Secondly, not everyone thought it was actually a multiplayer arena. Some critics believed that other players were NPC-driven characters.

Despite the allegations, the rounds are addictive and leave a satisfying feeling. This is why it’s still a popular choice among users.

4 Modes Available

  • Become the best in 2 minutes.
  • 1-player. Try to grow the size of the map.
  • Fight off other voids with comrades.
  • Battle Royale. Be the last hole standing.

12 Maps

12 Maps

The arena has been much improved since its first release. There are lots of different places to go and consume. You’ll taste Japanese cities, futuristic buildings, postapocalyptic remains, the Vikings’ timeline, military grounds, etc. Just pick the map from 12 options and enjoy the gameplay. A tip: try the randomizer. It’ll choose automatically and create suspense each time you enter the match.

Endless Skins

Endless Skins

You can upgrade the outlook of your void. Instead of a dull black dot, get a colorful illumination at the edges. Take on the Among Us mask. Or turn into Venom, a symbiote that is always hungry. These skins are available free of charge. Just play enough and make achievements to unlock them. For example, pop in the game for 7 days. Eat 100 cars. Munch 10 players at a time.

Dive In Now

Hole io runs on smartphones and PCs. The most convenient way is to enjoy it through a browser. In this way, you won’t have to download anything. Try short and engaging matches to unwind and have some fun. Check out how epic it can be: