【Donut Country】 Io becomes a black hole!!

Amase Io CH. 天瀬 イオ【Project Memoire】
A melody solely for you~ Angel idol of Project Memoire!


Thank you so much for giving Io snacks~! Wuv chu hehe~!

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Art: #MemIOry
Meme: #Amemese
Live: #IOonAir
Fans: #Hyoneys

1. Be nice and treat Io and each other with kindness(being kind is free~!)
2. Please refrain from swearing and saying inappropriate/unrelated things or you will receive the bonk of judgement!
3. Do not bring up other streamers/vtubers unless Io mentions them first!
4. Do not backseat! Io wants to enjoy the game and will ask for help or advice if lost or confused!
5. Absolutely no doxxing of any kind about anyone or anything.
6. Please understand that tipping/ donating are non-refundable and by tipping/donating you are under agreement that you will not issue any chargeback!

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  1. That was a certainly fun game about holes(weird to say isn't it?), thank you for the stream and the game play io.

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