100% RECORD DIAMOND RANK ZOMBIE SKIN UPGRADE?! – Hole.io Gameplay Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Part 13

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DIAMOND RANK ZOMBIE SKIN UPGRADE! – Hole.io Gameplay Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Part 13 DIAMOND RANK ZOMBIE SKIN UPGRADE! – Hole.io Gameplay Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Part 13 ►Join Our Discord Group!:
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  1. I found a Bug: when you go to the Bridge and then go at the Edge of it, on the corner of it you can go out of the map. Thanks me later

  2. Only scores after the release of skins count i think.. because i had more than 1000 points(1600) before the up but didn’t get the 1000 skin so i guess thats how it is

  3. omg this game drains my battery SO quickly but im obsessed with it

  4. I have the 2000 score I have all the skins but one I don’t have it’s the last one

  5. Masterov how many skins do you have ?
    Comment if any of you know

  6. Don't push the buildings that's why the score is glichy

  7. My high score i s 96 percent it took me so long to get it

  8. I got 99.94% once because I missed one person in the opposite corner from where I was.

  9. Hey you haven't play Battlelands Royale!

  10. I'm sorry somehow my comment didn't go through all the way so makes no sense!

  11. Lmao you still diamond?I got the last rank a week ago xD
    But I dont get that animals one and the one for hole hole for one.. I got 11/12 animals but cant seem to get that bloody 12th animal!
    OH And I totally feel you with the 2000 points rank one. Still waiting for the skin as I also got above 2000

  12. There is a new update where they fixed the score.. it was the kills you get, they don’t count towards the 2000 score, but with the new update they do 🙂

  13. I have a very strange issue with this game, I started playing it like 2 days ago but all of a sudden it just stopped responding to touch, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still the same. Anybody came across this issue before?

  14. The tiny yellow dots on the ground of the park actually count for points and are a great way to size up in a park when starting small in one. Great video and keep up the good work!

  15. My best score is 2106 and i am max level

  16. My highest score in classic mode is 2024

  17. MasterOV there are little stuff on the ground in the park that give you +1 also the buildings around the park stuff falls off the roof of them so you have to go over that twice

  18. The flowers in the park (little yellow dots) are also food

  19. Turn your wifi on….everyone keeps playing offline to avoid ads but bitch when they dont get the skins

  20. u spend to much time trying to get the ones that are hanging off the map

  21. I have a strat for you to try

    Firstly eat the park near the larger buildings with the ambulances

    Then eat the park with the houses around it. Then eat all of the houses.
    Find all of the small houses and eat them (as you go along push any buildings that you can off the map or eat them.)
    Then eat whatever is left.

    This got my 96 percent so I hope it works for ya!


  22. The 2000 score skin is a cloud inside the cloud is a rainbow

  23. 2:50 you got 91 because some buildings went in after the timer finished

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