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2000 points skin has finally been unlocked! Skymikey is trying starting his “hole.io all skins” series! Today we get a new high score and maybe even the new world record!? This is atleast my highest score with alot of points because we ate almost all the buildings! Do you guys like all the new skins and what is your favorite or best skin? Have you surpassed 2000 points yet and what is your high score? I hope you guys enjoy another .io video and let me know by leaving a like and subscribing! #skins #walkthrough

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Hole.io 2000 points skin was made for fans and subscribers! For more SkyMikey videos check out my channel!

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  1. Hole.io 2000+ Points Skin UNLOCKED In today's video! I hope you guys enjoyed 😀

  2. The coolest skin is the one u get when u reach last rank I think you can get the skin by tomorrow or today

  3. The last skin is a ring of fire with red smoke orange and red

  4. I got 2015 but it was some BS and didn’t get it I’ve been trying for so long and fuck I can’t do it

  5. Hello, I have a question. I got 2283 but it says that my best is 1879 so I don't get the skin. Do you know why?

  6. I’m mad because I got 2131 just now and it didn’t give it to me!! I was in Classic and I’m really mad!

  7. I have all the skins unless the spinner and im gonna get the last skin

  8. Yup i got 2019 points in the last second i was soooo happy and i just sub love the vid

  9. My score is 2193 and I have the awesome skin It’s so sick

  10. I got 2311

    Thx for the heart really appreciate it 🙂

  11. Try getting the rainbow skin on the pirate map? I always get 2,000 points on that map, hence me getting the rainbow skin UwU

  12. I got 3002??? WORLD RECORD

    EDIT: Thanks for the heart

  13. My highest is 3,391 :p (I'm a little late ik!! xD)

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