– Growth Mode Highlights

Corrupt X
I wonder where they got the inspiration for this travelling mode? I can’t quite put a finger on it…

(Highest score: 1.02M)

Second Channel:


Music from Epidemic Sound ()


  1. 2:55 Good time for the dev to troll size bigger than lvl 125 size at 32.13k score? Sure

  2. How did you get that I know the website but how did you get bigger

  3. when your octo tank is the size of a scenexe Io decagon

  4. when your hybrid drone is the size of a big cheese drone

  5. Its meeee superior (1m) helloooo everyone:))

  6. A ranger having a anni bullet and going really fast

  7. Man i used to watch you years ago now ive come back to watch the channel ♥️♥️♥️

  8. Annailator sized nailgun bullets. Total cancer

  9. when your hybrid drone is the size of a big cheese drone

  10. when i go onto arras it isnt there for me (growth mode)


  12. Since the days of 0800 and beyond. It's still a blast watching Corrupt X.

  13. Welcome to the "1mil denial in growth duos" club, I got denied with auto spawner.

  14. I played this before and it was 140 people, 140/50

  15. “You have been killed by a Dodecahedron.” 💀💀💀

  16. 7:58 seeing these arena closer closing arena, this reminds me why arena closer looks so big now

  17. You're almost at at 100k subs, you and your gameplay really deserve them.

  18. Big Cheese literally op in this gamemode lol

  19. Wait how do you play this mode i cant find it

  20. still, imagine a heavy sniper (aka ranger) with 2m+ in this mode (just imagine about the anni bullet flying with speed of sniper and having goddamn long range)

  21. The gamemode was inspired from a bug from last year where players could infinitely grow in size.

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