BUYING NEW SKINS! Chasing Ghosts! – Gameplay Part 23 – NEW UPDATE!

MasterOv Games
BUYING NEW SKINS! Chasing Ghosts! – Gameplay Part 23 BUYING NEW SKINS! Chasing Ghosts! – Gameplay Part 23
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  1. Master of hasn’t made his last video like 5 or 4 years ago

  2. Can you respond to this masterov can you cats crash arena turbo stars please the guild is so inactive

  3. I love master ov 😘😘😘pls give me a heart 😢😢😢😢😢

  4. First but if anybody took my first I’m still first

  5. 😢 I’m sad but I don’t have tears but I’m sad masterov because halloween event in hole io is finished and the Halloween skins should’ve been in the skins but now it’s gone and it’s disappeared😥

  6. Sorry but I have not really been following a lot but I know how to get the zoo animals. In some games there would be little animals and if you get them you get one. For me I found a snack and I saw it!!

  7. It's not fair I dont have the new maps or Halloween it's not working and it says I have the fully updated version

    Edit: now I have the pirate map but I dont know if I have the robot map but I dont have Halloween but the bots have halloween

  8. People are not watching masterovs vids! 🙁

  9. So smooth cause the iPad is literally as fast as a laptop (actually faster than the 2017 mac book pro)

  10. I get 2,000 and it won't let me go to max size

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