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  1. 下手すぎるやろコレ

  2. Suck it all up that wat I said 😂

  3. However you wound a bit gay just a little bit gay

  4. Well you should have put at least a question mark instead of an exclamation mark in your title so it wouldnt be that much of a clickbait

  5. this is youtuber from CZ this is fake channel of 1guy the guy creating this video to english add to seachr on youtube only Baxtrix this is the real YT

  6. You clickbaited me

    But it was rrreeeaaalllly satisfying

  7. einfach Video melden „irreführender Inhalt“ – 10 Minuten Zeit verschwendet – vielen Dank!!

  8. THIS IS 100% CLICKBAIT – he can't clear 100% he doesn't show you how either!

  9. Fucking clickbait. Anything under 99% is garbage. Why did you even make this video?

  10. the map is the same every time, the only difference between runs is that it rotates. once you find a blue and white striped car know that it's pointing towards a park and then you've got a great start

  11. It's so satisfying when yo are Max and you ate the park and the small building

  12. So the title is clickbait
    *unlikes the video*

  13. 100%? Ummm you do realise that means the whole map right? Disliked clickbait

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