Creating The LARGEST Black Hole In

Creating The LARGEST Black Hole In

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  1. What are you playing on? I want to play other people.

  2. Love your videos there are awesome ≧ω≦

  3. The way I win like all the Chinese themed ones is by eating the plants in the big fields and then fences and then you dominate

  4. It was years ago but at a point in time I was second in the world I believe in this game

  5. I thought this game was just filled with bots lol. Anyway glad you are playing this i loved it
    Havent seen the video yet tho.

  6. Stop saying "FoR EVRy LIkE THiS COmMENt I'll dO ONE PusHUp" like just stop

  7. The buddies should revisit Grounded ^-^ It has had a lot of different updates since y’all played last

  8. so two games so far that have the perfect heist assets. hmmm, the assets must be in public domain or something cuz i have played this game 5-6 years ago and it had the same map

  9. Like this comment if you like holes 🕳️

  10. i would like to see more random games like this i love when you do random games you should also start doing more jackbox games there so funny

  11. damn they really revamped the game. like 6 years ago there was only one map. The trick on that map was to go for the park to get a good jumpstart

  12. The park on the city map is the fastest way to get to 1st

  13. when i see this i still know jeromes nosehole is still bigger then all of the game

  14. 16:00 yea no you would splat yourself on the moon. Probably COULD be worse than earth. See gravity will ALWAYS accelerate you, so you could get more speed than earth. On earth, while the gravity is 6x more powerful, it also has an atmosphere which slows you down. Terminal velocity is that speed. Speed at which the air slows you down as fast as the gravity pulls you in. On the moon, there won't be any stopping from the air, so the terminal velocity would be much higher

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