Hole.io is a unique io game in which you have a black hole that needs to be the biggest hole out there! You’ve been given a chance to control a black hole – a small one, but capable of consuming everything on its path. You move freely across a lively metropolis and you can swallow cars, humans, fences, street lights and even multi-storey buildings, although in the beginning your abilities are modest and you will have to start by eating all sorts of small stuff. And to avoid letting you get bored or feel invincible there are other black holes in the area – they all want to eat and grow, but there can be only one leader – the fastest and the hungriest of them all. Revive the Arcade Glory: Play Zero Wing (Sega) Online! Take a trip down memory lane and relish the arcade glory of gens32 surreal v1.90 std. Play instantly and immerse yourself in the pixelated excitement of classic gaming.

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