Drum Teacher Reacts: BLACK SABBATH! ‘HOLE IN THE SKY’ | First Time Listen

Andrew Rooney Drums
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  1. A pummelling, brutal song. But still beautiful. Sabbath stand alone.
    It stopped abruptly because it goes into a sweet little instrumental before the next monstrosity.

  2. As talented as the other drummers were that played with Sabbath were, Bill is my favorite by far.

  3. Attack!! Yelled from the control room before the song starts. Hard driving first song on their heaviest album.

  4. yea i liked that drumming turn up that snare drum mic lol have a great day man

  5. What a bludgeoning powerhouse of a song. On an album built around its epics (as you've heard), this was the opening track that just immediately grabs you by the balls and says "you're coming with me on a ride today." (TWSS)

    Something I find interesting with this album is a big shift in the way Ward's drums were mic'd and produced. On all the early records his drum sound on albums was dominated by kicks, toms, and hat. With this album, the cymbals take the predominant position sonically, and they become the driving energy of the band as a whole. It's a fascinating change to have made after so much success.

  6. has Drum Teacher reacted to percussionist Bill Bruford performance in King Crimson 's Indiscipline?
    eg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUWxHXBWfCk
    King Crimson – Indiscipline (The Noise – Live At Fréjus 1982) (inc solo intro to Indiscipline)
    nb: Bill Bruford = founder member of Yes, from 1972 = King Crimson, …

  7. Pantera did a killer cover of this song…..you should definitely check it out

  8. More Sabbath? Another good day with Andrew. Great reaction.

  9. This song abruptly ends straight into “Don’t Start (Too Late) and transitions into “Symptom of the Universe” and I find it impossible not to take in all three as one journey. It’s the way to go for sure! Pantera cover is also really awesome.

  10. I LOVED your thoughtful and insightful analysis on this one, Andrew! You got everything exactly right on every level! One fascinating aspect of this, I think, is that what you correctly said about this being more straightforward musically on this song more than most Sabbath songs, is juxtaposed with the fact that this first song on the album is followed immediately by Symptom of the Universe, which as you recall has shocking huge changes throughout it. The layout of these wildly different song structures really shows off the creative range and genius of Tony Iommi. To give an example of the banality and thick headedness of music critics, this genius writing was derided by them at the time as "too scattered"! (The sort of thing which apparently led to Tony Iommi dragging one critic out of a bar into a parking lot, wrapping that Rolex around his fist and beating the guy up before being pulled off him.) A nice tidbit about this song as far as attitude and approach goes is reflected by the very beginning of this first song off the album, where the producer yells, "Attack!"

  11. i love all sabbath songs but if your going for more of bills drumming you got to get in johnny blade,gypsy,rock n roll doctor,snowblind those might be the only ones left on the drum list

  12. This one is straightforward and hits you like a sledgehammer. Tony Iommi said that after Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (which was a masterpiece but not really consistently heavy), they wanted to get back to a full on metal album, and so they kicked off Sabotage with this.

  13. The very begining you here the producer yell ATACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. They were having a lot of conflict with the record company and/or management during the recording of this album. There is a lot of conflict reflected in the lyrics of some of the tracks.
    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath from their previous album has one of the heaviest breakdowns of all time. Many well known metal musicians have supported this claim.

  15. Una parte de under the sun y el solo de guitarra de hole in the sky son basicamente ace of apades.

  16. Love the Tie- fighter. And yesss, Sabbath transports you. Its their genius

  17. El comienzo de children of the grave, el sonido de the wizard son completamente alucinantes, es por eso q deberias escuchar electric funeral o who are you

  18. Lol…….those fan made vids are SO terrible.

  19. According to Iommi Bill is also wearing Ozzy's underpants!!!

  20. Geezer drives this song along with such a heavy sound!!

  21. Have you done Rat Salad yet ?
    It's basically a Bill Ward drum solo song .

  22. I often felt that BS threw words into songs just because they rhymed, not necessarily because they made sense.

  23. Great, honest reaction, Andrew. Chopping wood? Is that slang for playing? Either that or you have another channel where you're a logger and you got confused at the closing.

  24. Black Sabbath seems to have been a huge influence on Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, and their song Do What Your Love Tells You seems to be an homage to this song and Symptom of the Universe
    Great song you/anyone reading this should check out

  25. One of my top 3 Sabbath songs, no particular order. The Wizard and Symptom of the Universe being the other 2…

  26. A monster.
    Please do ‘Sabbath bloody Sabbath’ Andrew.

  27. I’m not sure if you heard band call TessracT

  28. I still remember donning the headphones and dropping the needle on this sometime around September '75. Man, I wish I could go back and feel those first impressions again. For a 17 year old it was totally magic. I never could contemplate just how iconic a band Sabbath was at that time.

  29. SABOTAGE!! Greatest SABBATH album EVER! This one’s the culmination of the “Six Pack”. Ozzy’s voice never sounded better, Tony’s playing was on a knife’s edge, Geezer’s songwriting was at an apex, and Bill was swinging with a ferocity that makes Elvin Jones sound timid (no disrespect to Mr Jones, btw)! Love watching your SABBATH journey!!

  30. This is the first track on the Sabotage album. As you said, it is just more of a straightforward hard-pounding opener track. Definitely not one of the more complex or nuanced Sabbath songs. Basically it is just to get you pumped. The other songs on the album however are some of the greatest Sabbath songs ever. One of which you have reacted to is “Symptom of the Universe.”

  31. First time sending a payment for a reaction video. Will I be contacted asking which song I want to be covered?

  32. You'll notice that there were no tempo changing transitions in this song as there usually are in Black Sabbath songs

  33. Hole in the Sky is one of my favorite Sabbath tracks. It might be simple but man that riff just absolutely melts your ears off!

  34. Nice reaction youth!!….Nice to see you mention that you hadnt played any bill ward reactions recently up until After forever the other day…..this just means that it has happened!!…Sabbath are now truly in your blood, connective tissues and soul!! Nice, isn't it! A quick warning though…as a drummer and a drum teacher, you may be left Utterly gobsmacked by what Bill Ward does on 'Snowblind' …the intended title for Vol. 4 before the Record Conpany intervened! Cheers for remembering Sabbath & Bill Ward this last week….its been a while, but my, now we are all hungry for more BW reactions!! Cheers mate!

  35. In some ways, yes, this is one of their more "ordinary" offerings but it is of course exceptional. Before it even starts you can hear the valve amps being switched from standby to on and feedback immediately threatens to break through giving a visceral sense of just how loud this is going to be. Bill's playing is awesome on this, the groove is as irresistible as it is unstoppable, the sound he gets from his drums makes you wonder how they don't break under the beating they are getting. Please don't overlook Bill's brilliant use of cymbals to drive the song on and fill every bit of space in the audio spectrum from 20Hz to 20KHz with Sabbathy goodness.

  36. Sabatoge listened to as a whole is a roller coaster ride.

  37. I think they made a conscious choice of not having a chorus in their early days, and even when they did the words were different for each "chorus", this is a rare song with a standard chorus.

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