C Draiman
I reached size max in the best gave ever! Everyone download the app Hole.io!
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  1. THANK YOU to everyone who supports my channel and to those who like and comment on every video right when I post! I love you all so much and I couldn’t have asked for more amazing fans!

  2. It’s so annoying. I have reached size max so many times bc them I stop sizing up, but it never says size max IT SAYS SIZE UP! UGH

  3. 3.9k views nice lilly!!!!! I'm so impressed!!!!!!!!!!!! Like wow!!!!!!!!😨

  4. I don’t get this, I’m trying to get the pig skin and I’ve had scores in the 2500s and still it says 0 times max size. 🤬

  5. Yeah this is fucked I got 3000 points and it didn’t count

  6. what my high score is 2863 in classic and it says i never got max size

  7. Why everyone's app picture is person falling in my app is way different graphic wise

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