Friday Night Funkin’ – “Fire In The Hole” (Breezy Update) Full Gameplay – Lobotomy Geometry Dash 2.2

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Here you can find the creator of the mods and credits:
Cooldudecrafter: Art, Sprites, Cover, Backgrounds, Coding, Charting
Original Composers
Sugar Moon: Composed “SACRIFICE.FLP”
Noichi: Composed “IMPENDING DOOM”
Sturm: Main Composer of “ALERT”, Composed “RUMOR” as well
Neutroa: Composed “RUMOR”
BubuXD: Composed “LURED”
KennyL: Composed “DEMISE”
Saruky: Composed “SATELLITE PICNIC”
Remix Composers
GladeOAC: Remixed “DEMISE”
Bigtoony: Remixed “SACRIFICE.FLP”
gamerzone2: Remixed Menu Music, Game over music, Pause music

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  1. Im either first or second

  2. for a mod about a meme this is pretty good

  3. The first song lost its good beat. It doesn't match with the vocals

  4. The easy face is nerf to a hard face but normal face is nerf a extreme demon 7:03

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