Hole.io First Place Strategy

Abram SF
This is by far the best strategy to win Hole.io


  1. Immediately after watching this i played and got first place😂 before that i mainly only got 6th or 7th place so thanks!!

  2. Got 1st place the first try after your tutorial!

  3. It’s fake there’s no real people you vs bots

  4. Why do my ipad mini 4 lag so much in this game

  5. Thanks it actually worked and I got 1st place !!

  6. I have an iphone six with decent internet but the game lags badly any solutions?

  7. Best strategy: pick up small objects like cones while you’re serching for a park and eat it as fast as possible. Then you just keep roaming the sidewalks. Dont eat buildings til you just run through blocks of buildings without stopping. Eat anyone smaller than you and don’t be afraid get close. Btw when you’ve reached nr 1 spot eat the player in nr 2 spot otherwise you wont get as many objects!

  8. Me 2014 points
    2nd dude 175 points
    Last dude 9 points

  9. RedditMan Llegnis the bird of Hermès says:

    don’t watch this video, you’ll become too good. i win every round now ending off at 1200 easily , the games not fun anymore

  10. I cant do anything when i spawn to the game im straight up lagging for 20 seconds and cant pic up anything cuz im teleporting around

  11. I was able to figure out the strategy by myself… I have no idea why am watching this video

  12. I recently started playing this game. Do you know if there’s any benefits getting higher levels? *Stars*? Do you get bigger quicker the higher your star level is? Basically is there any benefit to playing and getting bigger star levels ? I found the first few levels to be difficult because I wasn’t fast enough but it seemed to get easier the higher my levels.

  13. hate to break it to you but…. they're all bots

  14. Bro I got an average of at least 1200 per round, and that’s NOT what I’d do to Get number one

  15. Clearly a not cool copy of Donut County…

  16. Everytime i do the park strategy i get 1k or 2k everytime

  17. I memorised the map so now I can:
    Head to the biggest park and eat it
    Head to the next park and eat that
    Eat smaller holes
    Eat buildings that I can run through

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