Hole.io Gameplay | How To Get The Zoo Escape Skin

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Hole.io Gameplay | How To Get The Zoo Escape Skin (iOS, Android). Hole.io is a mobile game for free download by Voodoo. You want to know how to get this skin? Then check this out!

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You also want to get this cool skin? Then do this:

1. You have to play the Classic Mode (only this mode)
1.1 In each round you have the chance to get 1 zoo animal
2. Play like a god and grow very fast
3. If you are big enough look for the animal
4. If you have a little bit luck you will find it, if you have bad luck the other holes found it
5. If you find an animal you already got it, close the game and start a new run
6. You have to find this animals:

1 – elephant
2 – spider
3 – cow
4 – snake
5 – rabbit
6 – horse
7 – deer
8 – cat
9 – giraffe
10 – wolf
11 – Penguin
12 – bear


The most addictive game!

Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle.
Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!

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  1. you are the best youtuber of the world

  2. i like the last rank skin im always useingg it because is on fire

  3. I think you're the Best payer on this game so far

  4. Good good. But you where meant to figure out the other one xD

    Any response from game developers?

  5. Wow, your channel blowing up, if u keep on making videos about Hole.io u are going to double your subs by the end of July

  6. Can you show us how to get the one for hole and hole for one skin

  7. Why some people have already the spiner hole?

  8. Wait, so let’s say if I fount the elephant twice would it count?

  9. I know how to get the One For Hole, Hole For One Skin, the video is on my channel 😂

  10. Haha your also max rank! Same the last rank skin is incredible

  11. Do you remember what the 12 animals are? I’m still stuck at 11/12 after soooo Long!

  12. I have 8/12 and when I eat another snake it didn’t give me 9/12 do you know why??

  13. I can’t find the Jup and I’ve been playing for like an hour now. Plz help

  14. Hey Lemos Fam, now i have a Facebook channel. There you will find all the future news about me and my channel. And the best….now you can chat with me if you want 🙂 At first a made a survey about a special subscriber video and i need your wishes.

  15. I just started watching your channel and I really like it! About to hit subscribe!

  16. I've collected 11 and I keep eating animals but it's not turning 12 anyone please help

  17. Oh thats why I cant get it its because I have not found the Bear Yet


  19. I'm so confused! I have 11/12, but everytime I get an animal it isn't completing it! It's making me mad! 😫

  20. yes gaming im
    the king best ever
    with battle mode

  21. I learned nothing from your. Worst tutorial ever. Try adding some commentary.

  22. You need to play around 50-100 matches to unlock the skin.

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