Hole.io Gameplay | Solo Mode Record (99,86%) | “Eat 100% Of The Map”

LEmotion Gaming
Hole.io Gameplay | Solo Mode Record (99,86%) | “Eat 100% Of The Map” (iOS, Android)
I played 12 hours successively to get this crazy score. Check it out!

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  1. Nice Leo love the vid I was the first one to watch it and like it

  2. Subscribe to my channel XxKevinxXGod turn on the bell symbol leomotion and everybody else who read this comment

  3. It’s hard for me to move around much because I play it on an iPad mini and it lags a lot

  4. Hey Lemos Fam, now i have a Facebook channel. There you will find all the future news about me and my channel. And the best….now you can chat with me if you want 🙂 At first a made a survey about a special subscriber video and i need your wishes.

  5. Yeah… i have been playing since the release of the game, i have only gotten 99.94 once… but still. Very possible

  6. My top score is 92.04% and I can’t get any more then that!

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