Hole.io – INSANE WIN IN NEW .IO GAME ( Hole.io World Record )

New .io game Hole.io Like and comment if you enjoy this video.

Hole.io – INSANE WIN IN NEW .IO GAME Hole.io World Record

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  1. Bro what are you doing with your life with playing io games

  2. That’s not the world record the world record was 2000+

  3. R.i.p jumbo’s channel bc it died when .io games died

  4. This isn't a World Record. I know someone that got just over 2000 points in this…

  5. It’s just so addicting eating everything in the game XD

  6. Jumbo I’m sorry but I finally found a game I’m better than you at. You’re highest score was like 12000 I hit 16000 I’m sorry 😂😂

  7. Not even close to world record sorry Jumbo, I got over 2k

  8. This game is not online😆It is easy to play the game

  9. My high score is 2514 with 51 kills.

  10. The park is like the best place no better how big I am the park always sizes me up by at least one

  11. I love this game and the parks are op at start

  12. Biggest tip is to try and find the park asap then eat the whole park and your pretty much set and can eat the 1×1 apartments classic high score was 4k

  13. Well I got 4145 in Japan once LMAO 🤣🤣🤣
    Another time 4105

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