Hole io – Official Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Switch


Show who is the biggest black hole in the town!
Choose your favorite skin, eat, grow and stay alive.
Compete in multiplayer mode with up to 4 players or eat it all by yourself.


  1. Review: this should be considered a demo of an alpha version, because of many missing functions of the original game it was copied from. And many other things, like other than the standard map need to be paid for additionally. Even 1 euro on offer seems overpriced, but at least there are no ads so far…

  2. How to change name on hole io switch version?

  3. Is there anyway to change your name on the switch version instead of “player?”

    And does anyone know how to restart once eaten?

  4. this used to be a fun mobile game but they ruined it by putting ads in the middle of a game

  5. It's fun, but I can't figure out how to change my name from "Player" 🙁

  6. On pc there was a no time limit mode. On Switch, the only mode is a short 2 minutes stages where enemi holes start way bigger than you and respawn when you eat them. Yet when you get eaten, you have to endure a 5 second timer before seing the game over screen and you cant even respawn. Please fix the game.

  7. it good game but when I try to buy sticker it bug after i collect 50 sticker
    Menu is disapear and cant buy anymore sticker

    I delete save and play again hope it work
    but it happen again

    Please fix it

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