HOLE.IO RAINBOW: Merge Master – Rainbow Friend Merge Attack

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Welcome to the Android Game Merge Battle (AGMB) Channel! Embark on a mesmerizing journey in Hole io: Rainbow Merge Master, developed by Lanna Gomez Game. As a merge master, take control of a powerful black hole and unleash its swallowing abilities. Swallow all in your path and merge monsters to create a formidable army. Watch as your black hole grows larger with each devouring. Collect numerous monsters along the way and use strategic merging in the battle arena. Join us as we explore the addictive gameplay of Hole io: Rainbow Merge Master and witness the thrilling strategy of merging monsters. Don’t miss out on this captivating adventure!

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Ready to join one of the funniest Hole io games ever!!

This game is a combination of Hole io and Merge Master. You can both swallow all and merge monsters while playing this

– Control a black hole and drag it to swallow everything in its path to grow larger
– Collect as many monsters on the way as you can
– Use strategy to merge monsters in the battle arena

Hole io: Rainbow Merge Master is highly addictive and entertaining. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW!!

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Hi guy, here is Android Games Merge Battle. In this channel, you can find a wide range of merge battle games. Every merge and fight game is diversified with creative characters and flexible rules. That’s why they’re often on top of Android and iOS gameplay 2022. Especially, all videos are in 1080p 60fps HD Quality. Let’s enjoy the journey of becoming bigger, taller, and stronger characters after each level.


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