Hole.io (Tips, Tricks, Cheats)

Happy Monday, actually that doesn’t sound right, never mind. Sad Monday everyone! I hope your day has been fantasical as always, today we are playing a rather unique game where I try to fill my hole with things! Also, I think for tomorrows video we’ll do a subscriber shoutout video (mostly because I’m lazy and have nothing else filmed sooooooooooo anyway) BUH BYE!

Let’s chat, hit me up on instagram @mtlutube or twitter @mtlutube to see what’s going on when I don’t have a giant camera shoved in my face!


  1. Have u given me a shoutout ?😂😂

  2. Great vid sorry if my spelling is bad i just got my eye exam but great vid made me laugh

  3. Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Clickbait, Autism, Menstrual Rage, this video has it all!

  4. I get 2000 points every round, I can teach you my ways 🙂

  5. "Shit on a dick"
    Well, I know my new catchphrase.

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