HOLE.io with Polymer Clay

NEW VIDEO: “Whack a Wiglett”
I wanted to create this for a long time: A miniature scenery from the mobile game Hole.io in polymer clay! 😀
How do you like this bigger scale for a Fortnite Building Tutorial? Also in this video I announce the winner of the lavachallenge. Have a great weekend guys!

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  1. I watch your videos in medellin but I know English a lot

  2. I'm from Europe <3 I'm Polish, and (wow, how is it possible, my English is very bad) I can understand every single word you say 🙂

  3. I win 100,000,000,000,000,000 times in hole. io

  4. I didn't count but I'm buying POLYMER CLAY

  5. I love how no one suggested what fortnite area he should make on a larger scale (and neither will I)

  6. Can you please make frag pro shooter figures ????

  7. If you don't mind, can you also make one of the Spacex rockets clay claim

  8. So so please make it to the banana 🍌 for the banana day of just joe 👑

  9. 🔢 and xm are among us airship and the banana (

  10. You can to make roblox Lord Oofy hint: ChrythmxVienyx

  11. plz make Mono forme Little Nitmarers and sorry if my gremr is bad im 9 so sorry bot plz

  12. are you sick in this video bc i hope you will feel better but im late nice job i love your videos keep it up

  13. You should build “IdleLumberjack3D” with clay

  14. Clayclaim your always blow me away I wish I could be as good as you

  15. Life hack: turn your WiFi off when you play this game so you don’t get ads

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