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  1. Please do not write here that you are the first,as it will be written be another 20 people.

  2. I love ur .io vids batrix. Keep up the great work.

  3. I love this game so so so much. I enjoyed every video on your channel but this game is the best!

  4. Dude.. as soon as you knock a single thing over the edge- you’ve blown it.
    You need to EAT 100% of the map in order to get 100

  5. Also – you’re borderline unbearable.
    People as unlikable as you can’t afford to use clickbait titles.
    Someone’s gonna start planning your murder or something if you keep that shit up.

  6. The blue cars with white stripes are always pointing towards parks

  7. Did anyone else think that the terrain on the map changed each time…?

  8. When im max size: *play the flute of the kazoo kid (is a meme)**

  9. (Memes mean the things most Hiralous and Idiotlous)

  10. I've got that purple skin!!
    Also, you can't go any further than level 19

  11. I think your a bad guy you hack rain

  12. pig skin is broken so u cant get the frog skin (one for hole, hole for one skin)

  13. I play this game. The best I got in solo was 80.45%

  14. I got to the biggest size i could and someone else did and we couldnt eat each other. So i ended up leaving the game bc no matter how much we ate we couldnt grow and eat each other. But i was king. lol.

  15. Well, this is just a game with a lot of bots

  16. He's literally the alpha male inside of me

  17. Can somebody explain why the title of this is "HOW TO 100% CLEAN THE MAP!" and he never cleaned the map 100%? This is like a video called "HOW TO MAKE CHICKEN PARMESAN 100%" and they make bagel bites.

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