How to fix the lag in || Or Any Other Voodoo Game

To reduce the lag, you have to turn off your wifi connection because it stops the ads that are causing the lag to function.


  1. That’s very interesting Karimos… thanks for sharing 👍👍👍👍

  2. Turning off the wifi doesn't stop the ads, it just uses data then. And it still lags.

  3. Turning off the wifi doesn't work it's still lagging

  4. A whole video just to say “turn off WiFi”


  5. Ima save you $hit load of time TURN OFF WIFI that’s it and it still doesn’t work. I have NOT ONCE hit max size. I am always first against the bots (NOT OTHER PLAYERS) they are bots, I have unlocked everything besides max size pig and one for hole, hole for one for I can’t use the pig to unlock the hole for one by playing with all holes to unlock.

  6. Easy cheat for the spinner hole play 7 days just go to settings date and time set manually, then play a game close the app, then go back to settings change the day one day a head and add 5 minutes then open app play a game. Then repeat change one day a head add 5 minutes then repeat after 7 changes of the date and adding 5 minutes you will unlock the spinner hole. It works check the spinner and make sure it says day 1/7 then 2/7 and so on I did it no problem worked like a charm 😁

  7. Cool.The thing is,on my devise i play this game on,it recently updated with some other apps but it stops a few seconds i play the "battle royal" mode and all modes don't allow me to swallow things.And the "Eat 100% of the map" mode,it already sized me up and yet again won't let me swallow things.It won't let me do things properly and this game has been my fave for a long time.I want to fix it please help me.

  8. When I play draw joust. It's still laggy when I draw

  9. Help me i turn off wifi and data still lagging

  10. Doesn't work. When I get in the game, it won't even let me start a match or select a skin. I tried it, exactly like I said. Doesn't work for me.

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