How to make a FLIP FLOP Journal using one piece of Scrapbook Paper for the Base.

Make a Flip Flop Journal using one piece of scrapbook paper for the base. This is a super easy make. Beginner Friendly …
Let me know if I should make it Mermaid or Travel theme (let me know in the comments)

Flip Flop Journal inspiration from:
Beth’s Journal Boutique
507 Willow House Journals

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  1. Love this. Thanks for sharing and I think travel.

  2. I would like to see a travel themed❤❤❤

  3. This is a fun journal and perfect for my new project 52 Bible Verses!! Mermaid gets my vote as my granddaughter's birthday was mermaids and this would make a cute photo journal for her to keep. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring me to create xoxo

  4. Well…I’m decorating a travel journal right now, so I would enjoy seeing your take on a travel journal! Love this series! You’re always so inspiring!

  5. Along that theme – how about nautical mermaid navigation ?

  6. Ohhh – travel journal please! I have a couple to do and would appreciate any ideas I can get.

  7. I do love mermaids…. But travel it will be!!❤️❤️🥳

  8. Very well done…..Lovely…Mermaids…………………….😻

  9. I cannot decide how to decorate this. So wonderful

  10. Hi there! Been watching for a while now but never commented. Going to today though lol. Love this project & would like to see it's decorated as a travel journal. Would like to make one myself of all the places I wish I could visit & dream. Looking forward to seeing your ideas. 😊

  11. LOVE THIS!!! Travel please!! Love your videos!!! ❤

  12. Tfs how you created this flip flop journal. Much easier. Please decorate it in a Mermaid theme 💞

  13. Beautiful!!. I love your tutorial processing…(i.e..sped up with talk over)… Not because Im in a hurry to get through the video etc…its just that I find it more informative and easy to follow…😊..hope that makes sense.. Just love the finished journal concept…and I love Travel as a theme.. thank you so much.. love and Aussie hugs 🇦🇺 💞 😊

  14. Ooooohhhh mermaids would be amazing for this journal!!!

  15. Sadly it looks like Travel will win this race… I would love mermaid as travel has been done to death… but you have two journals now… can you do one of each? Loved this quick how to… Cheers for sharing…

  16. I love this version. And right now I’m obsessed w/smaller sized journals so this is perfect. I love everything about this version and so much easier to do. As always thanks for sharing. Definitely go w/travel theme. ❤

  17. what size of the envelope is it for the board?

  18. I love mermaids, but I’m interested in seeing how you would do a travel one.

  19. Great clear instructions. Mermaids would be nice – you don’t see many of those and there are some nice mermaid stamps and printable around. Great for granddaughters. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Love this style 😍I would be happy with either theme ❤️

  21. Please do a mermaid in the blue and travel in the green!! Beautiful!!

  22. This is a really fun journal! I would love to see you decorate this using a travel theme! ❤

  23. At long easily explained tutorial in flip flop journals..Thank You, Thank you!!! 💚 Team Mermaid 🌊

  24. I'm having fun with the flip flop journal and yours looks fun as well! Looking forward to the decorating of it. I vote for travel though im not planning on going anywhere 😅 👍🩷

  25. Love this, like to travel 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰

  26. Would love either theme but this blue makes me think of the ocean, so mermaids is my vote.

  27. Mermaid is my suggestion. I never seen your unique style done that way. I think mermaid theme offers room for a lot more creativity than a travel journal.

  28. This is a fun alternative to the envelopes! My vote is for a travel theme.

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