How to Play Hole IO

How to Play Hole IO

This multiplayer arena is one of the best online toys. It has simple mechanics that hook from the first moments. But like in any game, there are smart tricks. As well as strategies on how to play Hole io. Scroll down for useful stuff that will help you become more effective and progress faster.

The Goal in the Adventure

Whatever mode you take, the objective is the same. Dominate on the field. Eat everything around. Be the strongest power. There are a lot of maps to perfect your skills. Have a look at this guide on how to become successful. Use them to get to the top of the leaderboard. Want to join in on the great Sega Mega Drive Emulator Games? Play now!

How to Play Hole IO: Tips

How to Play Hole IO Tips

Even if you pick the mode without the timer, seconds play a vital role. If you linger for a moment, your opponents will outgrow you. Among other vital things, mind the following:

  • Start with small food. You’ll quickly consume items and grow faster. Large buildings won’t fit into you, so you’ll just waste your time.
  • Once you level up, focus on valuable things of your size.
  • Don’t try to catch weaker players. They’ll do everything to escape. This chasing takes time which you can use for growing. Concentrate on the survivors if there is nothing else to absorb. A tip: corner them and make effective moves.
  • Take it slow when eating. For example, street lamps may fall before you swallow them. This will make it impossible for you to digest them. Lying horizontally, they just won’t fit inside. But if you move slowly, they’ll get into your void without any problems.
  • If you decide to go for a bigger item, follow this pattern. Start consuming its edge. Wait for the construction to tilt in your direction. Then head towards it and try to munch it. But it takes precious seconds, so it’s better to focus on tiny elements at first.

Perfect Your Gameplay

These tips on how to play Hole io will make you more professional in action. But the most vital experience comes with practice. Dive whenever you can, have fun, and improve your skills. Have a look at these crazy victories: