How To Upcycle Thrifted Finds Into Something New & Fabulous

Our Upcycled Life
How To Upcycle Thrifted Finds Into Something New & Fabulous
Hi there,
In this video, I’ll show you how to take dated thrift store finds and turn them into beautiful home decor. You will be amazed at how easy it is to upcycle thrift store finds into beautiful home decor with just a bit of creativity, time and effort.

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  1. Hi. Can I buy your journal over the pc. I live in Denmark and og Will be to pricy to send. Love all your diy.😍Kind regards Rita.

  2. Graf is how do I get your farmers market Grafics please and what else many thanks

  3. I have several glass plates that I'm going to make over base on your idea. Thanks!

  4. These project are simply beautiful, thank you for sharing, Have a great day !

  5. Thank you for sharing! I'm looking for wooden bowls now!

  6. And that glass plate is like wall art on the other side. The chalk paint brought out all the beautiful detail. A 2 for 1 gift!! 💕from Kansas.

  7. Love the painted milk jug but you go so fast. I am a crafter so I know how to attach the beads to the twine and tag. You didn't show how to knot the twine so the beads stay up from the tag. Just saying, someone who doesn't do everyday crafts , doesn't know to do that etc.

  8. Loved them all, but especially the plate! Thank you for the great tutorial 🧡🍁

  9. Hi Deidre! I love thrift store shopping. And thrift flipping is the best! All are fantastic! I really like it when you use multiple colors of paint. I haven’t tried that, only two colors before. But I’m definitely trying more colors. Thanks for some more good ideas!

  10. I love that paper bag you used on the rolling pin. It looked vintage with out trying. Love to find one and see what else it could be used for. Thank you for sharing

  11. Love all 5 projects Deidre, but my favourite is the milk jug love the paint effect, tfs x Julie 🇬🇧

  12. The chippy paint with the candle wax was a waste of paint. Where's the red, green and yellow?

  13. I am so Over the black lettering and graphics on Everything! Please let's come up with something original. Everyone does this to death

  14. Please take back the vinyl lettering thing a ma bob. I have always hated it. it's a machine doing the art for you. and the same sign lettering fonts on everyone's upcycles. I'm over the signs. let's move on.

  15. I also love rolling pins, and liked the red handles and recycled newspaper print bag. There is a little shop near me that has DIY paint, IOD stamps, transfers, etc. Their shopping bags have that same print. I have done a few decoupage projects with the bags, but never thought to use it on a rolling pin. I have one sitting on my worktable and am going to copy your idea. Can't wait. Also, the little bench turned out great. The paint technique you used made it look much older than the 90's, and the graphic was perfect.

  16. The rolling pin was absolutely fabulous! Love them all but wow the rolling pin ❤

  17. Awesome Upcycling! The milk jug is a favorite, but I LOVE the wooden bowls with beads, too! Thanks for the inspiration! 🤗

  18. Hi. I think I had lost my mobile no as far as up cycling and crafting goes. But if watched so many of your videos, and now I'm pulling out craft bits ,bought a laser printer and getting cracking on some Christmas gifts using so many of your ideas. Massive thank you for reawakening my love for crafting x

  19. So beautiful all of the crafts you did. Thank you

  20. I love the wooden bowl tier. I would’ve painted it white or black to make it look high end. I’m always seeing wooden bowls at the bins ! You just made me want to take down half of my eBay store to upcycle for Christmas gifts 😂🥰 love your vids !

  21. Love how you see potential in so many things, even a paper bag!

  22. That jug! That stool! They’re so cute! Thanks for another great tutorial 🙌

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