I want to eat the volcano in Hole.io

I want to eat the volcano
I swear I’ve done it before. they changed the game I tell ya


  1. OK with the update I'm getting the option of shrink ray at half time sometimes and if you shrink the volcano you can eat it. But of course you have to watch the ad.

  2. On IoS, I can confirm even with a score over 3,000 you can't eat it.

    Either you need an even higher score to get to max size (doesn't seem very likely/possible) or you can only eat the volcano if you are given the option to watch a video ad to get the shrink ray, either before starting the game or at half time.

    Problem is I haven't had the option for a shrink ray at either stage on this map, and if I get the option to grow bigger at half time, the timer doesn't stop so the whole time the video is running I'm losing time so I can't get big enough.

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