NEW *BATTLE ROYALE* Gamemode! – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5

NEW *BATTLE ROYALE* Gamemode! – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 NEW BATTLE ROYALE Gamemode! – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5
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  1. Hey ov I sent you a friend request on battlelands royale plz friend me

  2. L destroy my first gym on pokemon go!! Hehe…

  3. If you go in a classic match then if you are in the 10th level then if you eat the house next to the northern park you will see that you can get 10 points . Freaking crazy

  4. Play .io games please like that…. NO MORE FORTNITE

  5. Can you bring back hungry shark they have a new shark 🦈

  6. u literally missed the park in the second game
    and ur called masterov

  7. Play more battlelands im the player FireYang so if u want we can go duo im good

  8. Damn, barely anyone watching MasterOv anymore.. ;^;

  9. So I was playing this game mode and me and a bot were both max size :×)

  10. Hey I did almost 95% in the solo run and it's harder to reach 100% than I thought.

  11. Voodoo is officially my favorite company who makes video games. They have many quality games with good updates.

  12. If you follow the bots from the start they’ll lead you to the park then it’s easy win from there

  13. your going to win everytime cus they are all bots lmfao gtfo

  14. i max ranked yesterday, the medal is just amazing

  15. The map doesn't change it just rotates 90 Degrees.

  16. Master ov the highest level is level 20

  17. MASTEROV PLZ READ, every time there are those small buildings there is guaranteed a park near you

  18. Omg he went all the way around a park and still didn’t find it lol just missed it.

  19. In the second game you were right next to the park (next to the city hall ) not the Central Park)

  20. I have the 2000 points skin and if you still don’t have it it’s a rainbow

  21. You won because you reached max size first but didn't kill him so that meant you won from Madison a big

  22. (*゜Q゜*)のは44,111,111,111,888時間いっぱい来るけどやっぱりすごいけどやっぱり、このほかですよ❗何らているのは✨を壊した。また来ているってのではありません❗霊夢❗もないのでちょっと残念でした‼。さらにパワーアップできる!⁉⁉⁉何らているのの大きさですのでとりあえず‼。こうした❗❗

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