NEW HOLE.IO BATTLE ROYALE MODE! | Let’s Play Be The Last Hole Mode

The Frustrated Gamer
NEW HOLE.IO BATTLE ROYALE MODE! | Let’s Play Be the Last Hole Mode. The game has come out with some new modes and they are awesome! In today’s video I will begin by playing regular mode and then move over to the new Battle Royale mode (also called be the last hole mode). I have been obsessed with this gameplay and you guys have been asking for more so this is my third time playing it! If you haven’t seen this game before, is a game similar to, but instead you are controling a hole around a city and have to gobble up people, buildings, cars, etc. around the city! I will definitely be trying out some of the other new game modes soon! Let’s Play gameplay. NEW HOLE.IO BATTLE ROYALE MODE! #holeio

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Thank you so much for watching Let’s Play the Gameplay | NEW HOLE.IO BATTLE ROYALE MODE by The Frustrated Gamer!

Music by Bensound (Moose).



  2. I'm diamond rank and got a recording system that won't lag… The Xbox recording system lol…

  3. Ur still the king of Do u remember my name? U said it once not so long ago xD

  4. When I got big I ate the whole park at the same time haha

  5. Wow u are the best player in this game u already ate the whole park

  6. Winner 👑🏆🥇👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. brandon you have to do a eat so much town and no chat chat

  8. When you said something bla bla bla i lost the crown I got the crown!!!! You were shouting out loud

  9. I actually only play battle royale beacause there is no timer so you have more time to dominate the map

  10. It's so nice that you have some good ideas for your comments

  11. Cantonia™ Ultimate Tea EmpireUTE ☭ says:

    My highest score is 4381pts 😀

  12. Brandon you were literally so close to a park

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