OUR BEST SOLAR PUMP HOUSE YET – Building Foundation & Framing at the Airstream Carport (Step 10)

Tiny Shiny Home
Join us as we start planning and building version 3 of our solar water pump house! This iteration will include a concrete pad, 6″ walls, AC and DC power, and an overflow drain. In part one we build the frame, pour the pad, and set the main structure in place.

00:00 – Intro
0:19 – Planning/Not Planning Pump House
2:57 – Building Base
4:02 – Building Frame
9:57 – Concrete Pad Prep
11:40 – Concrete Pad Explanation
12:56 – Concrete Pad Pour
16:57 – Pump House Roof Frame
17:48 – Set Base Posts and Frame
21:59 – Coming Up…

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  1. Ahh conventional building materials, quicker, more expensive, and not as beautiful, but it's quicker.

  2. Ashley just wondering what type of work pants you wear they look comfortable. I need a new pair for when I work in my garden. 😊

  3. Yep, that'll work. Personally, I would add ball valves on each side of the pump and on the pressure tank, plus unions sot that they can be isolated from the rest of the system if/when they fail. Then they are far easier to replace, while keeping the system sealed/under gravity pressure.
    For future reference, there are special 'J' bolts in the concrete aisle of Home Depot, that are made for anchoring base plates to concrete pads. If the drain were in a bathroom shower, there should be ~1/2 foam wrapped around the drain to prevent it from breaking by the house settling. Often wooden boxes are used under tile floors to allow the drain to be replaced, w/o breaking up the slab. JS
    The box looks great. Nice job!
    I've always dreamed years into the future in order to keep the ducks in the right order and the horse in front of the cart. (Some of those dreams even pan out, but rarely as I had planned they would, 'cause those darn ducks won't stay in order.)
    Then, I focus upon each duck, to foresee any problems of stupidity.
    Then, I go online shopping to source all the stuff I need and to guesstimate my budget.
    Then, I research the mfrs' manuals and usage recommendations, so that I know what I'm getting into.
    Then, I watch a bunch of YT tutorials and DIY channels like yours to learn what everyone else is doing.
    Then, I consider ALL of the possible design options, with their pros & cons in order to visualize the whatsa-ma-jigger or thinga-ma-jig.
    Then, I order far more widgets than I need, because there's always something better that rears it's head.
    THEN, I start drawing the final design, including the measurements.
    Then, 1/2 way through the build, I find the same whacha-ma-jigger already OTC on aliexpress, for a fraction of what I've just wasted on my now useless widgets.😡
    Otherwise, these steps makes the doing far easier and less problematic along the way.
    But, you two do you and I'll do me. 'Cause that's the way our lives should be.

  4. 🎉You really are quite extraordinary! RESPECT! 🎉

  5. I am absolutely blown away by your pump house design. From the start to where the video left off, it was an impressive modular construction.

  6. If Ashley designs the house like she did this pump house(?) whoa!
    Also you have the most scenic views of anyone in Arizona that we watch

  7. I have a 10,000 gallon tank, and its not enough for 6 of us to live with

  8. Wow, well done guys. It is obvious that you both have different styles but that’s healthy as you both respect each other’s differences and don’t try to change each other. I’m so impressed.

  9. I must admit that I am 100% in favour of Jonathans approach. The winging it approach is to me an excuse to say that you didn't fail on something. It is also an excuse to always feel that you are in control and what others may think doesn't count.

  10. You are lucky 🍀 ennugh to enjoy your efforts 😊

  11. I’m with ya Ashley on the wing it because the plans are in your head.😊

  12. Amazing work and so detailed and forward thinking for potential, future requirements. You guys rock….as usual!!!!!

  13. Shouldn't the pump go into the pressure tank without a T (the second T) and then from the pressure tank go to all the places including the pressurized spigot?

  14. I love watching you all …..Ashley , do you take any Iodine , zinc, selenium so your thyroid works good ? Just askin, I would love to send you some if you want me to…

  15. Love your teamwork!!!
    I learn something new every time!!!

  16. You dont really seem bothered by snakes spiders ours in Australia can kill so asuming yours are not dangerous

  17. You guys ever think about investing in a small table saw? Just asking!

  18. My well is being drilled currently and i will very soon be building my own solar powered pump house. I've been trying to figure out where abouts you are since i know we are close and i recognized your hardware store. I'm offering free labor to meet and learn from you and your family. Your projects always interest me and my family is building our homestead just up the road in Sunizona. My dad lives at the goldminers park there by your hardware store. Please let me know if you except free adult labor or tourist. 😆

  19. You guys should make low cost ferrocememt water tanks as you already have the skills

  20. You two are amazing and a joy to watch! You make me want to learn how to build things. I am uncomfortable with a power saw but seeing you, Ashley, use it like a pro, inspires me. Thank you!!! Great job on pump house 3!!

  21. She’s lucky Jonathan is so laid back lol. I’d say they are a match made in heaven

  22. @Tiny Shiny Home – Hey Ada and Adali are working hard too. Looks good what you guys are doing. Hope it will work as needed.

  23. Was that last song Jonathan singing?! Beautiful song….you’re almost to 100k as well! ❤👏🏻🎉

  24. Solid styrofoam insulation. Cut from 4×8 sheets. If it gets wet it doesn’t collapse, mice won’t nest in it. An insulated hot water tank blanket over the pressure tank and a simple drop light with incandescent light bulb inside the pump house will prevent freeze ups. I speak from experience!!

  25. Gearing up now to go to TN to homestead like you folks. I just bought the travel trailer last week — 30-footer — to get in. Then I'll take it from there. You're solving all thew problems I'll be facing. Please stop making me so jealous !

  26. AirPort! AirPort! AirPort! AirPort! AirPort!

  27. Looking great guys. By the way was that a poisonous snake and who is TSM?❤❤❤❤

  28. everything is coming together looks amazing guys had to watch replay we have a new grandson that came into the world

  29. I can’t transfer plans from my head to paper( drawing skills just isn’t there either) it’s frustrating, but I never fear my age is on my side, 67. Even if my plans doesn’t pan out, there’s tools to help take apart anything. Tiny Shiny house you nailed.

  30. Is this a little clean building pad for a pump or a full on storm shelter ?! Ha ha ha !

  31. Hi my tiny shiny family, as I’m watching your latest build, I’m worried about how you’re going to move the trailer in there. I’m sure you guys know what you’re doing, but I keep looking around the area trying to figure out how you will tow it in there with all the additions that look like they might be in the way of manoeuvring that long “silver bullet” into place. And again, I’m sure you have this figured out, on paper and in your mind. I can’t wait to see this project in its completion 😅
    I have a question about Adeli’s bunk. It appears to be a storage shelf now? Did I miss a video somewhere? Keep up the amazing work and sharing it with us. I love you guys, you are an incredible family and an inspiration to all. ❤😊

  32. Looks great you guys do awesome work. But was that a rattlesnake? He would have to go. Great video.💛🧡🤎💛🧡🤎💛🧡🤎💛🧡🤎

  33. Thanks for a great video. Your work is precise and well planned. I really enjoy your working together to make things happen.

  34. No reason in the world for the pad to be that deep, and I see no reason for the 4×4 base underneath the 2×4 base.
    When building a house the 2×4 base is bolted directly into the cement floor. If that's good enough for a house it should be good enough for a pump house.

  35. what happened to the first dog you had that was running and very playful or is this dog the same one, confused

  36. Looks great!! why. 6" slab 4" is std in southeast?

  37. Can’t believe your 500 ppl away from 100k! What an exciting year of growth for your homestead and your channel! Keep it up.

  38. Guys!!! Just look at you go!!! TSH family rocking a new pump house all easy peasy!! Beautiful as always friends! 💜🐾💝💕💖💝😻

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