Oz, Fetterman address contrasting views on fracking | Pennsylvania Senate Debate

Despite recent comments in support of fracking, both John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz have made previous statements in opposition of the practice. The Senate candidates addressed their contrasting views during their first and only debate ahead of the Nov. 8 election.

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  1. Omg the democrats are running this country to the ground

  2. It says, young people step up, these guys are all old and decrepit.

  3. Did you see the protrusion on Fedderman's neck? What is it, a tumor?

  4. I’m genuinely scared if Fetterman wins

  5. Man I think he supports fracking but I'm not sure 🤔

  6. The debate was between 2018 fettetman and 2022 fetterman

  7. Sadly, this guy probably can’t even feed himself. How is he going to be able to anything at all in congress??

  8. Are people going to use Fetterman’s speech from a stroke as another excuse for him doing a bad job and dressing like a slob?? This clown never had a job in his life!
    You are just plain ignorant to vote for this bumbling slob idiot!!

  9. "…I do support fracking… and… I don't, I don't…, I support fracking, and I stand, and I do support fracking."

    -John Fetterman, fracking supporter extraordinaire

    – FOR US SENATE (PA)🗽💛💛💛💛💛

  11. John Fetterman is now on track to lose this election, but it will not be only because of his painfully doddering, incoherent and downright senile performance during this week’s debate. He will lose this election because during his entire political career, Mr. Fetterman has been pro-crime and anti-economy — which has fallen starkly out of favor among voters this year.

    High ranking Democrats like Pennsylvanias former Governor Ed Randell and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are now lamenting the decision of Fetterman’s campaign to have him debate Oz. They feel it would have been much more to their purpose to continue to hide Fetterman’s condition from the voting public. Fetterman and his Democrat cronies keep stating that Fetterman is “getting better” but his adamant refusal to release ANY medical records is strong evidence to the contrary. Obviously, with his condition now exposed, the Democrats want to hide his recovery prognosis which must be poor. This would be the only reason to continue to hide medical records at this point. Keeping the public in the dark long enough to fool them has been Fetterman’s chief campaign strategy since day one.

  12. Democrats will say this is social media bullying Fetterman.

  13. Philadelphians and Americans
    We The People pay taxes for our government to protect us from crimes so review the link below 👇
    Who in our government failed us Governor,Mayor,Congressman & Washington DC they want your vote 🗳️ how safety to community and city’s Do your homework we are just paws they into city’s for votes 🗳️ then take off not hear from them an other election year we are the fools!!https://youtu.be/mBzG5JhO0V0

  14. Listen Closely OZ never answered her question on why he was against Frackin and is Now for Frackin….OZ dances around the Answer and focuses on saying Fratterman did this and that instead of saying Why he OZ changed his Position….Oz is a Pandering person kissing babies and waving at nonexistent voters

  15. My speech therapist Cardi-B saw the debate and shouted:

  16. When asked his thoughts on euthanasia, FEDDERMAN responded:
    "It's sad only wealthy white kids can visit Japan"

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. This is what we have to choose from? how is it possible to find such moronic uneducated showboats.

  19. Not a personal critique but shouldn't the most qualified person get the job. There is a bit of a discrepancy here. Political affiliation aside. There is an obvious person to select here. If support Fetterman in his compromised stated, you may need to do a bit of soul searching. Your electing a leader. Fetterman is obviously not capable due to his medical state. This is who you want to lead you?

  20. A former patient says Oz is an elite quack/snake oil and misinformation salesman.. just what we need. See the Scientific American article by Timothy Caulfield. How can any alternative with an apparent good heart possibly be worse? Professional entertainers should not be allowed high public office. Trained liars and PR magicians… un-trustable. An evil to be avoided IMHO. End two party system to allow more choices. Imagine only two TV stations or two brands of sneakers from which to choose.


  22. This guy has 0 clue of what he's doing or talking about..how did he manage to run.

  23. As a resident, and a home and land owner here in Pennsylvania they are both wrong. Fracking as it is currently implemented absolutely disrupts natural aquifers and ground water tables. Huge amounts of water and additives are needed for the process thus creating huge amounts of waste water and often contaminating ground water that many homes rely on. Do the almighty oil dollars justify the collateral damage that they create…Not to me.

  24. May all politicians should get/have a stroke…. THEN they can say anything no do the opposite! THEN when in office blame it on the stroke

  25. Fetterman and his wife are so fake. Pulling race card. Fetterman is so racist

  26. The geek is not even concerned. They will cheat and he will win. He knows that, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

  27. And what I don't understand he's not even answering the question when she asked him that specifically she said you said in 2018 you don't support fracking and when he was asked he goes like a f**** dumbass and says oh I support fracking what a f**** liar man.

  28. Oh my God I can't believe this guy is running oh my God people wake the f**** what is wrong with this country look at him he can't even answer the question what a piece of f**** s***

  29. Can a Democrat, no matter what his/her mental state, ever be trusted again when they say they support energy independence, fossil fuels or fracking? Biden banned drilling on federal land (our land) and canceled the Keystone Pipeline on Day 1. In the face of ridiculously high gas prices, which has contributed greatly to inflation, I haven't heard one Dem urge him to reverse his stance. It makes sense that, if you boycott Russian oil imports, you ramp up production at home. You don't go blow the Saudis. Drop this cultish devotion to green energy in EVERYTHING until its perfected and usurps fossil fuels as the better option.

  30. Yeah after seeing the "debate", I believe oz shouldn't be debating fetterman, he should be treating him

  31. The entire debate was sad. Almost abusive to allow Fedderman to run much less debate in his condition. Oz wasn’t much better with his responses. Both completely undignified and unprofessional. I’m glad I don’t live in PA.

  32. Fetterman is literally Joe Biden 2.0

  33. This man cannot even drive a car, let alone run a state.

  34. Wow big yikes. How did this little bit get left out of all of the debate recaps by the big networks?

  35. "What do you think of my New shoes ?"
    Fetterman : "Goodnight everybody"

  36. Fetterneck doesn't possess the ability to call Bingo Ball Numbers.

  37. I support Fracking…..(long pause)
    i support Fracking
    and i stand and I support Fracking
    – John Fetterman (2022)

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