NERFED Festive Challenge 1 Because It Was TOO DIFFICULT! Let’s BEAT It!

Today we are going to go over the newest Anniversary Clash challenge, Festive Challenge 1, in A lot of players say that Festive Challenge 1 is very difficult so let’s beat it and discuss the best strategies, tips, and more, including which weapons and skills to use!

Update: They nerfed this challenge after this video. It’s much easier now!

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  1. We don't stand a chance ,but it was pretty impressive seeing someone finishing it 🎉🎉

  2. I'm sorry but yeah challenge 1 was 99% impossible
    I was waiting to see what bs was needed to complete this level
    Surprised to see it was Nerfed

  3. I did challenges 2 – 5 in only a few tries each, burned <10 revive tokens on each but the first challenge I've tried over a dozen times and easily burned >20 revive tokens.
    It shouldn't only be achievable by whales.

  4. I still cant beat it, did it really got nerfed?

  5. these challenges are retarded, i dont even bother with it

  6. I was struggeling to complete level 1 thank godness they nerf it i finally complete all chapter

  7. I did it!!! I use shiny wristguard (epic) and stylist belt (excellent). I use the batteries, the max health, the shoe, and the gas tank just like phasecast. There is no AF on my equipment. My tech is epic, just standard f2p player. Didn’t even revive.

  8. Oh man
    i jus finished the first challange and received nerf mail from hq zzz been trying half of the dayzzzzzzz

  9. I beat it on my first try using Kunai. This was before the challenge got nerfed.

  10. Beat it on my second try (before they nerfed the challenge) using King, Croaky, Light Chaser, 6th sense, bullet, drones, molotov, lightning, guardian, quantum, shoes, charger, and a couple passive skills I don't remember. First time failed because I forgot I had kunai equipped. Yes, it was still very difficult!

  11. It's funny how we could all get the top rewards in event daily rankings if everyone stays at the same level, but there's always selfish people that want to be the only one at the top and get the highest reward for themselves.

  12. I got merked multiple times yesterday, but switched to Void Power and was able to complete it. 11.4k atk and 45k hp. Didnt realise it was nerfed now i feel less accomplished 🙁 Also after playing to chp 50 with the lightchaser, im glad i decided to make the Void Power Epic as opposed to LightChaser Epic +1. Void Power really helping.

  13. Had no issue. Forged Void, Forged Eternal Gloves, Forged Eternal Suit, Forged Voidwalker Threads

  14. F to the people who burned 30 revive tokens trying to beat this challenge pre-nerf.

  15. The events difficulty shouldn't be the same for a new player.. it's not fair

  16. Could you please make another best build video

  17. I beat it with Lucille pretty easily and I haven’t paid a single cent. I think that was the bug fix this morning.

  18. I for some reason did this challenge FIRST TRY. With a Legendary KUNAI of all weapons. Tell me I’m not lucky lmao.

  19. How do you come back to see the in-game advantages and disadvantages that you get every time you defeat bosses? Because sometimes I accidentally click it when I defeat the bosses and I no longer saw what advantages and disadvantages they give

  20. Void belt completely trivialized all these. So many mobs spawn that the invincibility is never down. I afk’d the last three after about the halfway mark. Especially the one where “green bats spawn more bats.”

  21. I got it on my second attempt before it got nerfed and its was probably the hardest thing ive played in the game even with astral forged vp i also had to use like 12 revive tokens, on my first attempt i was shocked when i got destroyed this challenge

  22. I still can't beat it tbh. No red pieces at all. Oh well.

  23. It was easy at 86k attack with sod before nerf

  24. Forget these challenges, bitches throwing nades at you are so annoying, not fun at all

  25. For me the Festive 1 is easy but the festive 5 is so difficult

  26. Glad it wasn’t just me but I did VP first then Kunai then beat it with VP

  27. Got thru all 5 challenge mostly AFK😳 didn’t even notice it was difficult until got a mail

  28. Is there any chance to transfer my acc to other device? I can't open my cellphone but I have my google acc.😢 Pls help me

  29. not only is it hard to save progress without losing it some day

    not only is it pay to win ASF

    not only is 1 single little match 15 minutes

    it's so impossible to get any Legendary items as f2p no matter HOW skilled you are


  30. How are your black holes so big? Using HE Fuel doesn’t even make mine that nig

  31. i beat this stage pre-nerf. Burned my remaining 18 revive tokens though I said to myself that I won't use my last 6 until I got lucky at first phase. Strategy I did was equipped with Lightchaser, Voidwalker and Waist Sensor and evolved weapon skill before first boss then took both movement speed and atk bullet. Last one was to do baby step quickly at a time to avoid those grenades

  32. Hey bro, can you give me tips for completing the level five festive challenge?

  33. Any tips for the 5th challenge? Hard to dodge the explosion

  34. They should seriously make that festive challenge into a chapter 101. That way high level players would actually have a challenge.

  35. the run was kinda carried by af1 eglove ability which heals 10% hp per second. still nice job tho.

  36. I just got 3-Star common survivor, and my first piece of chaos equipment

  37. How do you evo the high power bullet?????

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