Why I Sold NELK…

For anyone that wants to be notified for the first Drop click the link below, excited for this next chapter 🤘

Brand Instagram @s
@Bloody Sunday



  1. Love the idea and cant wait to see where it goes from here! YADNUS!!

  2. Yadnus!! Congrats on your sobriety bro bro! It's not easy!! Keep it up Jessy ! My favorite on nelk video!

  3. Jesse is the definition of a hard working smart business man keep it up legend !🤘

  4. the part of nelk i like is now separate awesome

  5. This makes so much sense . A color connection solidifies the brand and the name is fuckin perfect for your stage of life… congrats on the highest level

  6. Friday Saturday finally on Sunday 😂

  7. Yadnus… good stuff man, I’m following ur wave

  8. You sold nelk behind you tanked all your investments and bought into foolish cryptocurrency. Tell the truth

  9. YADNUS Glad to see a man living his passion

  10. the definition of living for the weekends hahah

  11. Sorry man but always thought you were kinda a douche, now I know you are in fact a douche. Left nelk obviously due to greed and bad blood. You leave and are now trying to start basically the same business trying to sell merch, but on your own and your own ideas because you are selfish, greedy and want to be in control.

  12. I JUST DECIDED IM GIVING AWAY ONE OF THE LETTERS FROM FULLSEND AWAY! Lmao picking a random person this week that’s following both the @sunday @bloodysunday Instagram pages 😂 you can keep it or sell it on stock x either way that’s too funny to not giveaway

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