WIN WITHOUT MOVING CHALLENGE!! – Gameplay Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Part 8

Can I WIN Without Eating ANY BUILDINGS! – Gameplay Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Part 8 Can I WIN Without Eating ANY BUILDINGS !- Gameplay Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Part 8
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  1. I’m pretty sure that is a bot game. You can play it without wifi, Bluetooth, data and with airplane mode

    Also note that all the names are things that you would never randomly encounter in a real game, and that sole holes just randomly give up on chasing you

  2. try only building challenge

    including pylons and mailboxes

  3. Play and move around for the whole game as a hider and try not to get caught by the taggers. Like if u agree so he can see this comment

  4. It's my birthday today can I get 9 likes because I'm turning 9 plz reply MasterOv

  5. Which ever way the cars in the apartment face is the way that the parks are

  6. LOVE your game-play and commentary, dude! Awesome! 🙂
    Looking for a REAL challenge, though? 🙂 Try this:
    Totally different, type of game, though. More about strategic thinking and problem solving than quick reaction time and mastering the controls. The first levels are stupidly easy introduction, but it picks up quick after that and you can jump ahead if you like. Not for the faint of heart.

  7. I haven't played this game, so why can't you eat buildings?

  8. There was a new update to the game
    There are new skins I have the fire skin aka the last rank skin

  9. This game doesn’t have any real ppl playing it’s just bots

  10. Does anyone know how to get the new frog skin. I’ve been trying and searching everything but nothing’s working

  11. Anyone else see the red at the beginning what glitched out of the map in the blue part ???

  12. eat the buildings you noob👎💩🖕🖕😈

  13. On the first match you ate the side of the hospital

    Edit: when you said he pushed the building into your hole you was making excuses and on your third game you ate like 6 of them building and you didn’t even realise

  14. Rebound challenge: you can only turn when you hit the edge of the map. Driver challenge: you can only eat what’s on the streets and sidewalks. Comment you opinions, like if you agree

  15. Please eat the buildings. Its gonna make you bigger faster.


  17. Try to go through battle mode WITHOUT eating ANYTHING and try to win

  18. Boring all Non sense your post it kinder game you have play veterans game not Kinder hahaha…

  19. this is the same episode as episode 7

  20. It is easy to get out of the map as a lvl 1 and wait for the last guy to quit and you can win as a lvl 1.

  21. He het hat was me that ate you…. sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  22. so we have the city, the future, and the beach…is there other places?

  23. do a car only challange and place at least in the top 3
    HINT:run away to get in top 3

  24. There was a hole in the water who else saw that

  25. In battle royale you can glitch out of the Map and it's then able to win at level 1

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